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Viktorija Kenigsvalde

Hello and welcome to KICHAUS kennel website!

My name is Victoria Kenigsvalde.
I am from Latvia, Riga and dogs are the main part of my life and my profession as well - I am professional dog trainer, sport dog judge and dog show referee. I also teach dog handling (specialized at successful participation in shows) and take part in dog shows myself. West Highland White Terriers have taken most of my free time, so this website is dedicated to them.

Me and my first Westie 'Kic' - we simply found each other, it was love at first sight. He's such a wonderful dog, that it didn't take long for me to decide upon the name for the kennel and I came up with 'a home for Kic' - KICHAUS.

Now there are more of us, it takes more time, effort and attention, yet it pays off with just as much love and happiness.
I wish you lots if joy dealing with Westies - these lively, understanding and tender creatures. A Westie is always a joy and happiness in your life.

Victoria Kenigsvalde.

Rīga, Latvia
+371 29716179; e-mail: kichaus@inbox.lv